tug.ctan.org inaccessible on a specific machine

AC achirvasub at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 05:17:25 CEST 2021

Well, I know it's accessible, but the problem is specific to this pair of IPs.. I can ping

- google.com just fine from that affected machine, and
- tug.ctan.org from any other IPs I control (like my home computers).

Could it be that the server is rejecting my connection (from that specific IP) due to some misconfiguration?

On April 1, 2021 11:02:54 PM EDT, Norbert Preining <norbert at preining.info> wrote:
>On Thu, 01 Apr 2021, AC wrote:
>> ping tug.ctan.org
>> - time out on the affected machine, but
>Nothing we can help you there. If you have root access, you can try
>traceroute to see where it hangs. The server is definitely accessible.
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