How to package executables

Karl Berry karl at
Tue Jul 21 23:50:42 CEST 2020

Hi Louis,

    Would a CTAN package with those files be OK?

Yes. Ideal.

    Or should I add subdirectories

No need for subdirectories for this small package. It is better for
people browsing CTAN (and for importing into TL) to avoid subdirectories
"by default".

    once I uploaded it to CTAN, is there anything else I
    should do, or will you (the texlive team) handle everything?

You don't need to do anything. Given this thread, I'll tell you when
it's done (most likely by me) so you can review and try it out.

    about how to package a python script for easy integration in texlive

That would be nice. Thanks much for offering. Maybe it should even be
its own page, as pkgcontrib.html is getting too long. We'll see.

FYI, I added a few more words there this morning, most notably (for this
context) a caveat about --thanks, karl.

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