How to package executables

Louis spalax at
Sun Jul 19 22:19:36 CEST 2020

I hope I am posting this to the right mailing list.

I recently released a simple python package on CTAN [1] (simple in that
is has no (python) dependencies). When I released it, Manfred Lotz (of
the CTAN team) mentionned that it might be shipped with texlive, and
advised me to ask for help on this mailing list.


The only documentation about releasing executables on texlive I found is
here [2], but I found no precise instructions.


My question is: how can I get my python executable on texlive? Is there
an expected way to release a python executable on ctan, so that it can
be included in texlive?

I do not ask for a custom way to release my specific package to texlive:
I am asking if there is a standard way to release a (python) executable
to texlive.


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