tlmgr dump-tlpdb question

Norbert Preining norbert at
Sun Dec 20 21:41:05 CET 2020

Hi Adam,

> In the past, I think tlmgr's dump-tlpdb action sent the name of the
> mirror to stdout as the first line, and I was using this in TeX Live

Hmm, that hasn't changed afair.

> tlmgr --repository --machine-readable dump-tlpdb --remote > /tmp/utah.tlpdb

I git blamed, and at least for 3 years there haven't been any

> location-url <tab character> http://....

This still come out, but only when doing --local, not for --remote

> is now written to stderr, but I prefer not to parse tlmgr's stderr for
> pretty obvious reasons :-).

The url is also now written in the above way to stderr when called with

Hope that helps and clarifies the case a bit. Again, as far as I
remember there haven't been any changes in this area for quite some



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