tl20 released

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Fri Apr 17 07:02:20 CEST 2020

On 2020-04-15 00:52, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Johannes,
>     -in package tudscr, the depend on cbfonts-fd may be removed, as it 
> also
>     depends on cbfonts which itself depends on cbfonts-fd.
> Ok, removed, though there's no harm in it. I'm sure there are redundant
> dependencies in other cases too. And sometimes it is helpful for
> maintenance (of the .tlpsrc).
>     -the -docs from package texlive-scripts and package
>     texlive-scripts-extra are the only two packages having content 
> which is
>     *not* within /docs/ :
>        scripts/texlive/README
>        scripts/texlive-extra/README
> Ok, I removed them as doc patterns. They'll just be in the ISO image 
> and
> Master tree. Not really user documentation anyway. --thanks, karl.


more packagers nitpicks:
links/scripts from package.ARCH are supposed to land in the PATH, at 
least for packaging.
What purpose is the "man" symlink from texlive-scripts.ARCH? It breaks 
the on linux commonly
installed man/man-db for me.

mktexlsr(link) is now in texlive.infra, but i'd like to avoid 
texlive.infra as it also ships tlmgr which is not
recommended to be packaged. As mktexlsr is needed on any texlive 
installation(although it's just the symlink in that package), may it be 
moved elsewhere, e.g. texlive-scripts?

Following packages name ifxetex,ifluatex,... in longdesc, but these 
packages don't exist anymore in favour
of package iftex:
These may also list iftex as depend.

beamer in longdesc lists dependencies(atbegshi, etoolbox, hyperref, 
which are only partly listed in it's depend list.


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