[tex-live] pdfstartlink/pdfendlink and boxing level problems

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Nov 29 14:38:13 CET 2018

Am Wed, 28 Nov 2018 22:09:17 GMT schrieb Karl Berry:

> Hi Ulrike - for pdftex: your suggestions seem reasonable to me on the
> face of it, and I don't see any immediate compatibility stoppers.

Ah good. So you don't see a reason for the fatal error either? 

> But implementing them is not something I am likely to ever get around to :(,
> and I doubt Thanh has time these days. Maybe you or someone else would
> be motivated to write the patches (+ docs + test cases)?

Well I can't, that's outside my sphere ;-) But perhaps we can find

> For LuaTeX: if no replies are forthcoming, you might write the
> dev-luatex list. 

I did it, but don't know yet if it ended in the gmane nirwana (while
writing to lists where I'm already on works fine, new lists are
quite a problem, perhaps I need to get first the list in a "normal
way" before I can use gmane with it.)

Ulrike Fischer 

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