[tex-live] inclusion of texlive-includernw

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Nov 11 15:14:29 CET 2018

Hi Roger,

I have read now both your answers, but still tap in the dark with what
you want to achieve and what is your actual problem. Your descriptions
are a complete mixture of nomenclature.

On Sun, 11 Nov 2018, Roger Bivand wrote:
> No, not every. The R package manager (so the R code in this latex package)
> advises limiting the number of dependencies (Depends, Imports) as far as

I don't know what you are talking about, honestly.

The latex package you are refering to does *NOT* contain any package
manager facilities. I calls R on some code which calls

You are mixing completely different things here: depends, suggests etc
are entities of the fedora packaging, and have nothing to do with the
latex package.

Upstream (other of includenrw) has no influence whatsoever what fedora
packager are doing.

> So "correct" has many flavours. I will try to trace the Fedora packager, and
> follow up with the author of includernw, who certainly did not ask for the
> latex package to be rolled out at least to all texlive-scheme-medium users
> on Fedora.

Again wrong. includenrw is included in TeX Live. And the Fedora
maintainer has packaged TeX Live and thus also includenrw.
There is nothing wrong, and if at all, then it is in your handling of
how you install R packages and manage them.

It is *you* who has to decide whether you want to use the fedora
packaged versions of R pakcages, or locally isntalled ones.

BTW, I know what I am talking about: I am TeX Live developer, at the
same time maintainer of TeX Live in Debian, and do quite a lot of work
with R. So trust me, it is in *your* obligation to keep a workable

If you start installing local R packages you take the control intio your
hands, but also the responsability to have all the necessary tools etc

Don't blame either the author of includenrw or the fedora maintainer for



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