[tex-live] instopt_letter seems not to work

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Tue Jun 20 16:32:00 CEST 2017

Hi Jack,

>   instopt_letter 1
>   selected_scheme scheme-infraonly

Umpf. Ok. Yes indeed, in this case it does not work.

> then shouldn't e.g. "tlmgr install scheme-minimal" consult the *created*
> $TEXLIVE/tlmgr/texlive.profile for the presence of "instopt_letter 1", and
> if found, automatically change the paper size to "letter"?

No. The profile is only consulted during installation and not later on.

I guess we should say that the above option sets the paper size to
letter for *those*program*being*installed* from (dvips,pdftex,...),
but not for future added programs.

Karl: Do we want to change this into a tlpdb-option where the preference
is saved into the tlpdb, *and* updated in the config files?
There is a problem here, since we allow different settings for different
programs, so the interpretation would be: If nothing is specified, use
the paper size as specified in the tlpdb.

Not sure if we want to go that way, though ...


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