[tex-live] instopt_letter seems not to work

jack tljack at forallx.net
Tue Jun 20 16:17:35 CEST 2017

I install TL using a ready-made profile.  This profile contains the line

  instopt_letter 1

which, if I understand properly, is supposed to cause the default
papersize to be "letter".

However, it doesn't actually cause this to be the case if the profile also
contains the line:

  selected_scheme scheme-infraonly

I say this because after installing with this profile, and then manually
doing "tlmgr install scheme-minimal", a call of "tlmgr paper" shows all
four paper size reports as being A4.

Perhaps this is because until the scheme-minimal is installed, there is no
way to change paper settings yet---I don't know, as I'm no TeXpert.  But
then shouldn't e.g. "tlmgr install scheme-minimal" consult the *created*
$TEXLIVE/tlmgr/texlive.profile for the presence of "instopt_letter 1", and
if found, automatically change the paper size to "letter"?


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