[tex-live] cjk-gs-integrate test please (was: Re: tlgs on windows, cjk-gs-integrate support)

Hironobu YAMASHITA h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 14:43:25 CEST 2017

Dear all,

With the help of Reinhard and Akira, I added win32 support for cjk-gs-integrate.
It can set up CJK opentype/truetype fonts for use with ghostscript.
Obtain test version of cjk-gs-integrate.pl from GitHub (win32-support branch),


and put it under TEXMFLOCAL/scripts/cjk-gs-integrate.

It also supports all common unix-like systems (like Debian and Solaris),
in addition to Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and macOS 10.12.x Sierra.
Please test with up-to-date TeX Live 2017 pretest (later than r44039).


1. run
  cjk-gs-integrate --force
as administrator privilege, to generate gs resources.
That means, windows users should start command prompt as administrator.
and for unix users (except for cygwin) sudo is needed.

2. prepare the following cjktest.tex:

\foreignlanguage{korean}{안녕, 감사합니다.}\par
\foreignlanguage{korean}{\textgt{안녕, 감사합니다.}}\par

3. run
  kanji-config-updmap-sys ipaex
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --sc fandol
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --tc arphic
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --ko baekmuk
to set up map files for dvips (sudo will be required for unix).

4. run
  uplatex cjktest
  dvips cjktest
  ps2pdf cjktest.ps
to obtain cjktest.pdf. It should be a document with Japanese/
Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean fonts embedded.

5 (optional). if you see some "standby" status when executing
one of the followings:
  kanji-config-updmap-sys status
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --sc status
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --tc status
  kanji-config-updmap-sys --ko status
then switch maps by executing e.g.
  kanji-config-updmap --ko unfonts
and test 4. again.

Please report any results. If it's successful, then Norbert or I will
register the new version on CTAN. Thanks.

Hironobu Yamashita
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