[tex-live] tlmgr error in windows7 "there is no disk in ..."

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Mar 10 08:26:18 CET 2016

Hi Ulirke,

> "There is no disk on the drive. Please insert a disk into drive
> \Device\Harddisk6\DR6"


> http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2013/08/fixing-the-there-is-no-disk-in-the-drive-error/
> I found out that "Harddisk6" is on my computer is (probably) related
> to a (quite unused) built-in card reader and there is really no disk
> in it. But why does perl/tlmgr try to access it?

I have not the *slightest* idea, sorry. The only thing I can say is
that it is *not* the tlmgr perl code that is trying to access that

What the perl internally does, sorry ... that is something a Windows
guru need to answer.

I have myself a card reader on Windows, but have never seen this message.

All the best


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