[tex-live] mendex.1 doesn't have an encoding tag

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun Jan 31 07:47:01 CET 2016

Please follow groff's `preconv' manpage to add a proper emacs-like
encoding tag to the `mendex.1' manpage and probably other non-ASCII or
non-UTF8 manpages of TeXLive, e.g.

  .\" -*- mode: troff; coding: euc-jp -*-

as the first line in the document.

While this doesn't ensure proper formatting with a non-Japanese groff
version, it makes the man page readable with recent versions of groff
within a standard UTF-8 terminal, e.g.

  groff -k -Tutf8 -mja -man mendex.1 | less

(`-k' activates auto-conversion of encodings, `-Tutf8' sets a UTF-8
terminal as the output device, `-mja' activates rudimentary Japanese
support, and `-man' loads the macros for manpage formatting.)


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