[tex-live] Problem with gothic initials of Yannis Haralambous

kwikwi kwikwi at online.de
Wed Feb 25 16:51:44 CET 2015


I'm trying to use these initials. Running the example provided with them 
leads to an emergy stop of mktexmf

I posted Qs on

- Stack Exchange:    Problem using yfonts / gothic
- comp.text.tex:        gothic initials of Yannis Haralambous

On the latter as a solution it was suggested to load yinit-as (which is 
not in texlive2014)
Installing it in texmf-local (yes it IS in ls-R) did not solve the problem

Ulrike Fischer also wrote
The question is why it is not in texlive. This could be a licence
problem - then it won't change, or have been overlook - in this case
a simple message on the texlive list will remedy the problem.

So can it be added to tl2014?

If not, do you know which steps I must take to use package this 



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