[tex-live] Problem with gothic initials of Yannis Haralambous

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 27 00:59:49 CET 2015

    Subject: [tex-live] Problem with gothic initials of Yannis Haralambous

If you want me to read whatever you posted elsewhere, please provide

What I can tell you is that I recently discovered that yinitas.mf, as it
says at the top of the file, is a modified version of Yannis H's
yinit.mf, created by Andreas Schell.  No licensing information was
included for either yinitas.mf or (the poorly-named) initials.sty (not
surprising or unusual, given the vintage), and Yannis was unaware of it.
So those fonts in TL supposedly by Yannis weren't actually his.

Yannis and I put an explicit public domain statement into his files.  If
someone would like to contact Schell and ask him about licensing, go for
it.  Meanwhile, Schell's files remain on CTAN,
http://ctan.org/pkg/yinit-as, and you can get them from there.


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