[tex-live] Inaccessible checkboxes of TL installer on small screens

Andreï | Андрей Викторович fifis.himik at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 07:24:08 CEST 2014

Dear TeXperts and developers,

For a long time, this has been an issue I have tried to overcome to no
avail. It stays relevant for the “advanced” installer.

The problem is: if the height of the main installer window exceeds the
height of the screen, then a scrollbar is added. It is OK. However, if I
click the “Change” button for “Installation collections”, 48 collections
just don’t fit on a screen that is 600 px high (some netbooks). You may
observe it in the attached screenshot. As you see, the “French” and
“German” selectors should be there, but there are not. They are there, but
we do not see them.
I presume that nowadays the screens are getting larger so this should not
be a problem; however, I should be much obliged if you enabled a scrollbar
in the “Installation collections” dialog window (or reshaped the 2 columns
into 3—then it would fit on any screen), just like the main window adjusts
itself according to the resolution.

Yours sincerely,      | С уважением,
Andreï V. Kostyrka. | Андрей Викторович Костырка.
http://kostyrka.ru, http://kostyrka.ru/blog
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