[tex-live] texlive 2014 Comments. -- Overly complex and difficult to install on RedHat/Fedora !! -- SEE FILE ATTACHED --

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Aug 7 12:57:46 CEST 2014

Hi Andre,

first of all, please don't send useless binary stuff like odt files
when the content is just plain text. It is a pain for all those of
us who are using text MUAs.

Concernint the document, two comments:
* I don't know about rpm, but for dpkg (Debian, Ubuntu) we use equivs
  to provide alternatives, see http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html
  at the end. Something similar *should* be possible with RH/Fedora,
  but this is something I cannot help

* Still, you made a mistake. Even *IF* the Fedora20 TL 2013 package 
  are installed, if you add
  to the *FRONT* of the PATH it has to work. I would be 973% surprised
  if it doesn't.
  So your recommendations in the odt files are wrong, or irrelevant.
  The only important thing is to add the TL path (as above) to the
  *front* of the PATH setting. Otherwise the system installation 
  takes precedence ...

>    See attached file, you will understand, and may be able to post this
> (after some cleanup) on TEXLIVE documentation.

This is not necessary, as it is already documented. One has to add the
new TL path to the *front* ie *TOP* of the PATH setting.

>    When I have a some time, I will try to find how to have the package
> installer yum assume a package required for dependency is already there.

This is something like the equivs package in Debian. You need to 
create a package that provides all of the *texlive* packages in 
Fedora. I *GUESS* this is possible with rpm/yum, but I don't know
(left rpm world 15 years ago).


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