[tex-live] texlive 2014 Comments. -- Overly complex and difficult to install on RedHat/Fedora !! -- SEE FILE ATTACHED --

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 11:12:51 CEST 2014

2014-08-07 4:09 GMT+02:00 Andre Gompel <andre.gompel at gmail.com>:

> Norbert, Paulo:
>    thanks for following up.
>    Norbert, the fact you told me everything worked with your virtual
> install, incited me to investigate.
>    Others than me posted similar issue with texlive-2014.
>    I documented what happened in the files attached (email to a friend).
>    An the simple obvious answer.

OK, but this is not a TeX Live problem, this is a Redhat problem (same in
CentOS). You should distinguished TeX Live from TUG and TeX Live packages
from your Linux distro. TeX Live from TUG is installed and maintained by
tlmgr, your Linux packages are installed and maintained by the package
manager distributed with Linux. When installing Redhat based distro, you
cannot deselect TeX, you always get it via dependences and it may be
installed again as a result of update or if you decide to install a new
package that depends on TeX. This is the most frequent problem with TeX
Live in Redhat based system. There is a simple remedy: after installation
put your /usr/local/texlive/$YYYY/bin/ $arch to the _beginning_ of your
PATH. It then works. If you deselect TeX during Fedora install, you most
probably get some subsystem of TeX that does not work with normal
documents. If you later install TL from TUG and do not put it to the
beginning of PATH, you get very weird conflicts. You can detect them by
"which" and "kpsewhich", "strace" is rarely needed.

>    See attached file, you will understand, and may be able to post this
> (after some cleanup) on TEXLIVE documentation.
>    When I have a some time, I will try to find how to have the package
> installer yum assume a package required for dependency is already there.
>    But this is minor....

This should be submitted as a feature request to the Fedora's bugzilla. I
add cc to J. Novy who is the man maintaining redhat TL packages.

> Andre
> --
> Andre Gompel (+1) 408-966 8494 (text msg O.K)

Zdeněk Wagner
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