[tex-live] tl'12 freeze after Saturday build

Uwe Siart uwe.siart at tum.de
Wed Apr 10 05:48:01 CEST 2013

On 9 Apr 2013 at 21:27, Karl Berry wrote:

> I had intentionally not announced it since (1) as of yesterday, only one
> platform had new binaries (i386-linux), and (2) I touched another big
> batch of packages today, and having people end up downloading everything
> twice seemed pointless.

Ah, yes, I already atoned for my impatience ;-) My windows install 
yesterday didn't work at all. mktexlsr couldn't find texmf.cnf, 
updmap-sys cried for some script it could not find, tlmgr wasn't found 
at all ... Will keep on trying :-)


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