[tex-live] dvipdfmx on CentOS 5.6 (glibc 2.5)

Karen Ellrick osakawebbie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 02:20:10 CEST 2012

> (Karl) You could probably disable a bunch more stuff for your purposes.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.  But it would take longer than an 
hour and a half for you guys to tell me all the "--disable-this 
--disable-that" options I could add, so since there were no more errors, 
and I'm not tight on disk space, I'm happy with what I have.

> Are you using the updated dvipdfmx after your build from current source?
Yes.  The other one gives a fatal error, not a few warnings.

> ** WARNING ** CMap have higher supplmement number.
> ** WARNING ** Some characters may not be displayed or printed.
> ** WARNING ** CMap have higher supplmement number.
> ** WARNING ** Some characters may not be displayed or printed.
> only that.
> I think that is fine ... though I am not sure.
If I have problems with tex files I create (I'll probably be using 
uptex, not uplatex, for my stuff, because I don't need the "la" features 
and because an example of how to do something similar to my project uses 
ptex), I'll ask Tanaka-san about it.  I'm slow at writing emails in 
Japanese, but I can do it.

> What do you mean with *long*term*?
I just meant that I did something on my own without knowing if it was 
correct, so I thought there was some chance that I would need to put 
them someplace more "correct" (perhaps creating the directory structure 
with the word "Master" in it, per the instructions, or something).  I 
wasn't referring to updates in the future - I'll cross that bridge when 
I come to it.  But I'm the type that is slow to do updates of software 
unless I personally am having problems with the version I have (e.g. I 
keep hoping my Windows machine doesn't break soon, because I still 
prefer Windows XP, and I even still use Office 2000 - I don't like the 
newer versions!).

> New installation of TL2012 will need a change. If you put them into 
> Master/bin/$ARCH/... then it *might* get overwritten sooner or later, 
> although I don't think so since we are close to freezing for TL2012.
> You have to make an installation of TeX Live ... don't you have one 
> already?
I thought so, but...  Perhaps there is an inconsistency in the 
documentation.  http://www.tug.org/texlive/quickinstall.html talks of a 
structure just like what I have after running install-tl.  But 
http://www.tug.org/texlive/build.html (and your comments like the one 
above) talks of putting the built binaries in Master/bin/<archname>.

> If you don't care for tlmgr updates etc a lot...
I don't know if I care for them or not.  I did use tlmgr to add uptex, 
etc. to the original installation of TL, per the instructions on 
http://tutimura.ath.cx/ptexlive/?tlptexlive%A5%EA%A5%DD%A5%B8%A5%C8%A5%EA - 
it seemed like a nice simple-to-use tool.  But I don't know the 
alternatives or anything - I'm really quite clueless... ;)

> ...simply add /usr/local/texlive/2011/bin/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to 
> the *FRONT* of the PATH, so that the system tex binaries in /usr/bin 
> are not used
Already did that (previously for x86_64-linux, so I just changed it 
slightly) per the instructions on 

>> links are bad in that location (pedigree and pmx), but I have no idea if 
> You can fix them manually by looking at how they should be in 
> bin/x86_64-linux
Yeah, I know (haven't done it yet, but I know I can).  I just thought it 
might be indicative of a bigger problem with me sticking just the 
binaries from the new build into the old structure, so I considered it 
worth mentioning.

Thanks, everyone, for all your help! :)
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