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While other-nonfree is sufficient (aiui) to keep a package out of tl, it is a statement that remains open to interpretation.

However, the licence as stated seems to me to preclude mtce, so it is surely (at least) undesirable.

I don't have access to the svn just now, but I have a vague memory that. I discussed the change from the previous "other"

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As noted by Martin Scharrer [1], floatflt is listed in the catalogue as having
an other-nonfree license (and in TeX Live's ctan2tds as nosell); the actual text
of the license, from floatflt.ins, is:

%  You may use the `floatflt' package freely, but at your own
%  risk.  The authors of floatflt.dtx and floatflt.ins (the
%  complete `floatflt' package distribution) can not be held
%  responsible for any consequence of your using any of these
%  files, or files created from these, including hardware,
%  software, and data damage.  You may not make any changes to
%  the files floatflt.dtx or floatflt.ins.  You are allowed to make
%  changes to the `\documentclass' and/or `\usepackage' commands
%  of the file `floatexm.tex'.  You may incorporate
%  the code from these files in other files under different
%  names, provided the original authors are given full credit for
%  their work and that you yourself take the complaints from the
%  user(s) of your file(s).  You may freely distribute the
%  files floatflt.dtx and floatflt.ins, provided that you
%  always distribute `floatflt.dtx' and `floatflt.ins' together
%  at the same time.

To me, it looks very much similar to the TeX license (you change it, you rename
it) and, though the LPPL v1.3+ might have been preferable, the package is IMO
free enough to be marked "other-free" in the cataloque and included back in TL.



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