[tex-live] page size bug or problem

Rainer J.H. Brandt rjhb at bb-c.de
Mon Feb 15 17:42:57 CET 2010

Hello George, Zdenek, and Martin,

I had written:
> > My TeX Live has a default page size A4, but unfortunately it seems
> > that A4 output is all it wants to produce.
> >[...]
> >
> > That didn't happen with teTeX 3.  Using that, I got output files
> > with height 150mm and width 100mm.

George answered:
> [...] With
> tex+dvips, the papersize was contolled by dvips (perhaps
> based on \specials for some macro packages, but usually
> set in the dvips config file).  For .pdf output, the default
> papersize is set in the pdftex configuration.   We now have
> latex macros (geometry package) that allow you to
> set paper size for both output formats without changing
> the document.

Thanks for your hints and explanations.
I'm going to use the geometry package for LaTeX.

I notice that nobody commented on what I said about DVI files produced
by plain tex (not LaTeX).  That's good, because I was wrong.
The DVI files _do_ reflect my page specifications, except that the page
height is always 8.435mm larger than what I requested.
I have yet to check whether teTeX's tex did that, too.

Thanks again,
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