[tex-live] page size bug or problem

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Feb 13 21:32:31 CET 2010

On 13 February 2010 Rainer J.H. Brandt wrote:

 > Hello everybody,
 > after using teTeX for a long time, I have recently switched to
 > TeX Live 2009 on Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris, and to MacTeX 2009
 > on OS X Leopard.
 > My TeX Live has a default page size A4, but unfortunately it seems
 > that A4 output is all it wants to produce.
 > Running "tex sizetestplain.tex" produces sizetestplain.dvi with A4
 > size, with the following input in sizetestplain.tex:
 > \hsize=100mm
 > \vsize=150mm
 > Hello.
 > \bye
 > Running "pdflatex sizetestlatex.tex" produces sizetestlatex.pdf with
 > A4 size, with the following input in sizetestlatex.tex:
 > \documentclass{article}
 > \setlength{\paperheight}{150mm}
 > \setlength{\paperwidth}{100mm}
 > \begin{document}
 > Hello.
 > \end{document}
 > That didn't happen with teTeX 3.  

Of course it did.  Nothing was changed in this respect.

 > Using that, I got output files with height 150mm and width 100mm.

No, you didn't.  In the plain TeX example you even don't attempt to
change the paper size, \hsize and \vsize do something completely
different.  In the LaTeX example you only set some variables but don't
load a package which passes their values to the back-ends. 
 > That's a bug in TeX Live 2009, right?

No.  TeX Live 2009 behaves exactly like teTeX 3 in this respect.


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