[tex-live] jadetex broken?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 12 01:51:34 CET 2010

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Hi Edd,

     * should pdfjadtex output pdf by default?

     * should we bet getting those warnings?

No.  They come from our incorrectly dumping the .fmt with the dvips
driver loaded (for hyperref) instead of the pdftex driver.  Whether 
jadetex actually does anything that could expose a real problem there, I
don't know.  Seems possible.

I have committed a new pdfjadetex.ini to TeX Live that (I believe)
solves these things.  It is also attached.  I don't know if
pdfjadetex.fmt will be automatically rebuilt via tlmgr (but presumably
that's not relevant for you anyway).

I'll also attach the demo.tex file I was using for the record, since it
is not easy to find (and there are two of them).

     * should we be getting the openjade warning?
     openjade:E: cannot open "/usr/local/share/builtins.dsl" (No such file

I don't know.  openjade is not part of TeX Live and I know nothing about
it.  Looks like it depends entirely on how you configured and installed

    Do other users on different systems get this? Linux, Solaris... etc...

Yes, it was system-independent.

Thanks for the report.


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