[tex-live] Some observations for TL09 DVD and texworks

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Feb 11 13:12:44 CET 2010

Some observations

* if TL 09 is installated on Win 7 from DVD, as a regular user (i.e. not 
installing with admin rights) is it then correct that TL should not add 
itself to the Windows menu (or what ever it is called in W7)?

A student did the above, which now makes TL management tedious (a 
student does not know about the tlmgr --gui commandline feature, at 
least not a Windows user)

* TeXWorks/SyncTeX does apparently not like non ascii letters in paths.

I have an example file (test.text) lying in a folder with the name

hest øko

Then compilation works fine, but SyncTeX in the PDF viewer fails.

Renaming the dir to

hest nisse

then synctex in the viewer works fine.

This was tested on WinXP and verified on Win 7.

* I was wondering, will the TL manager opdate TeXWorks when a new 
version arrives? I noticed that apparently MikTeX ships with a newer 
TeXWorks version (at least it had a scripts menu item, which my test 
version does not have)



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