[tex-live] Some observations for TL09 DVD and texworks

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Feb 11 13:44:53 CET 2010

On Do, 11 Feb 2010, Lars Madsen wrote:
> * if TL 09 is installated on Win 7 from DVD, as a regular user (i.e. not  
> installing with admin rights) is it then correct that TL should not add  
> itself to the Windows menu (or what ever it is called in W7)?

Yes. There is an option to turn this on and off. If the user
is not admin it will be installed into his sub-tree only.

At installation time simply disable the integration.

Or, you can also use 
	tlmgr postaction ....
to add/remove the integration.

> * TeXWorks/SyncTeX does apparently not like non ascii letters in paths.

Cannot comment on that.

> * I was wondering, will the TL manager opdate TeXWorks when a new  
> version arrives? I noticed that apparently MikTeX ships with a newer  
> TeXWorks version (at least it had a scripts menu item, which my test  
> version does not have)

Really? Is there a newer texworks version out there than the one
in TL? If yes please let me know and we update it, no problem.

Best wishes

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