[tex-live] [Fwd: Re: TeXLive Perl + latexmk (windows)]

Diederick C. Niehorster dcnieho at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 04:46:51 CEST 2010

Hi Norbert

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> wrote:
> On Mi, 14 Apr 2010, Diederick C. Niehorster wrote:
> Thanks.

Nope, thanks to you and the other maintainers! Its a good experience

> I assume that the actual problem is the downloading of the programs.
> It seems that you have either a slow or choppy connection.
> Did you update your texlive.infra as a first step (what does tlmgr --version
> say).

I just updated my texlive.infra to test it out: tlmgr revision 17611
(2010-03-30 01:21:59 +0200).

> You could try to do the update on the cmd line and see if there is
> a similar slow down:
>        tlmgr update --all

The connection would not be the problem, I did run it over the command
line at that time and then had no issue (also, its a connection from
one uni to the other here inside Hong Kong, I get over an megabyte per
second from the ctan mirror).

After updating texlive.infra, I'm now applying the other 64 updates
that were awaiting me. It started out fine, but now seems to show the
same problem. When selecting the GUI, it does not seem to be redrawn,
giving the illusion to be stuck. When view the process list, perl.exe
and wget.exe seem to be running (I guess if a blocking call to wget is
made, that explains the GUI not refreshing). No processor activity for
either over a few minutes, so I force-quitted and now ran it over the
command line, which was fast, matter of a few minutes, even only a few
10s of seconds for the 28MB pst-geo update.

If you can't reproduce this, it'll be hard to test. I cant exclude
this is a psuchological phenomenon with the blocked GUI creating the
impression of a stuck process, but the inactive but running wget.exe
might point to something else.


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