[tex-live] Hoekwater koeieletters/koeielogos

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Sun Mar 1 16:21:51 CET 2009


The MAP file fragment texlive/2008/texmf-dist/fonts/map/pdftex/ 
context/koeieletters.map is part of the distribution, but the font  
and encoding files mentioned therein are missing:

koeieletters koeieletters " koeielettersEnc ReEncodeFont "  
<koeieletters.enc <koeieletters.pfb
koeieletters-contour koeieletters-contour " koeielettersEnc  
ReEncodeFont " <koeieletters.enc <koeieletters-contour.pfb
koeien-ex koeieletters " koeielettersEnc-ex ReEncodeFont "  
<koeieletters-ex.enc <koeieletters.pfb
koeien-sy koeieletters " koeielettersEnc-sy ReEncodeFont "  
<koeieletters-sy.enc <koeieletters.pfb
koeien-mi koeieletters " koeielettersEnc-mi ReEncodeFont "  
<koeieletters-mi.enc <koeieletters.pfb
koeielogos koeielogos " koeielogosEnc ReEncodeFont " <koeielogos.enc  
koeielogos-contour koeielogos-contour " koeielogosEnc ReEncodeFont "  
<koeielogos.enc <koeielogos-contour.pfb



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