[tex-live] Minor things

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sat Jul 19 09:36:21 CEST 2008

Hi François,

François Charette scripsit (18.07.2008 16:45)
> First: I have updated polyglossia.pdf on CTAN due to an ugly typo in the
> title, but since I marked "no need to announced this" I fear this change
> will not propagate to TeXLive. Could you please commit the change?
> You only need to update polyglossia.pdf and polyglossia.dtx; the rest is
> unchanged. Thanks!
Lots of changes happen without being announced on ctan-ann, and we have means
to detect them.  Polyglossia is included in those checks.  From the svn log,
it was last updated on 17jul08: is it ok?  You can still check the current
version on
Thanks for informing us anyway.

> because the function tlwarn is used at some places. (I emailed Norbert
> directly, but since he is away, I thought someone else could commit the
> change now).
Ok.  Changed by Siep yesterday, r9659.

> gfsporson and gfsbaskerville are in collection-langgreek, but
> gfsartemisia, gfsbodoni, gfscomplutum, gfsdidot, gfsneohellenic and
> gfssolomos are in collection-fontsextra. Shouldn't they all be in
> collection-langgreek?
I admit I have no opinion on this point, since I don't know those fonts.  Can
they be useful for something else than writing greek?  If not, I think they
should indeed be in langreek rather than fontsextra.

> Also, for gfsbaskerville, the line
>    execute addMap gfsbaskerville.map
> is missing!
Done, 9666.  Will be in tomorrow's version of texlive.tlpdb.


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