[tex-live] Minor things

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Fri Jul 18 16:45:19 CEST 2008

Hi Karl and others,

First: I have updated polyglossia.pdf on CTAN due to an ugly typo in the 
title, but since I marked "no need to announced this" I fear this change 
will not propagate to TeXLive. Could you please commit the change?
You only need to update polyglossia.pdf and polyglossia.dtx; the rest is 
unchanged. Thanks!

Other little things:

I noticed that tlpkg/TLPDB.pm should be changed at line 60:

- use TeXLive::TLUtils qw(dirname mkdirhier member win32 info debug ddebug);
+use TeXLive::TLUtils qw(dirname mkdirhier member win32 info debug 
ddebug tlwarn);

because the function tlwarn is used at some places. (I emailed Norbert 
directly, but since he is away, I thought someone else could commit the 
change now).

One more thing:

gfsporson and gfsbaskerville are in collection-langgreek, but 
gfsartemisia, gfsbodoni, gfscomplutum, gfsdidot, gfsneohellenic and 
gfssolomos are in collection-fontsextra. Shouldn't they all be in 

Also, for gfsbaskerville, the line
    execute addMap gfsbaskerville.map
is missing!


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