[tex-live] on cm-super fonts

Andrey V. Panov panov at canopus.iacp.dvo.ru
Wed Jul 9 01:53:17 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 04:04:15PM +0400, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> Hi!
> "AVP" == Andrey V Panov writes:
>  AVP> Cm-super fonts lacks BlueValues and OtherBlues entries in PS
>  AVP> Private values.  Therefore they are badly displayed by Adobe
>  AVP> Reader. These values could be generated with the fontforge using
>  AVP> the script attached. Also this script rearranges the contours and
>  AVP> first points (this makes the files smaller) and rehints the fonts
>  AVP> (this could be removed by deleting "AutoHint();\" ). The script
>  AVP> works as follows:
>  AVP> 1. Copy all the pfb and afm files into a directory 2. Run the
>  AVP> script 3. Move the resulting files into appropriate places.
>  AVP> V. Volovich knows about it but have not done anything.
> could you please send snapshot from Adobe Reader rendering of cm-super
> fonts without and with this fix? if it makes the rendering visibly
> better, i'll apply it to the cm-super fonts.

Sorry, I have not unmodified cm-super fonts now, so I cannot reproduce.
Read archive of the discussion at
https://info.vsu.ru/Lists/CyrTeX-ru/Message/4216.html and at
http://www.linux.org.ru/view-message.jsp?msgid=2488155 (in Russian).
The second link gives an examle of such the pdf file:
http://sevik.ru/temp/tex/test-article.pdf .

Andrey V. Panov
panov /AT/ iacp.dvo.ru

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