[tex-live] TexLive 2007 & russian language support (on Win32 platform)

Mikhail Filimonov mvf at uniyar.ac.ru
Wed Sep 5 13:31:01 CEST 2007

*Norbert Preining wrote:*
>first run created all the fonts and the correct dvi file.

In my case it doesn't. 

To be precise, here are steps to reproduce:

1) I have WinXP SP2 russian version (and updates) & Tex-Live DVD image (texlive2007-live-20070212.iso).
2) Using "TexLive Installation and maintenance unility, 2007", i set up environment to run from DVD. It also installs Ghostscript & DVI viewer.
3) After that i edit file "c:\TeXLive2007\texmf-var\web2c\texmf.cnf" according to this recommendations http://tug.org/texlive/bugs.html 
   MKTEXPK = 1
   MKTEXMF = 1
4) I run command "latex slides.tex" (slides.tex is in slides.tgz - attached), and compilations stops (see <number>_run.log in slides.tgz), i just press "enter".
   In files <number>_run.con - console output (it also shows calls of metafont) 
5) step 4 repeats dozen(!!) times - all log files attached. At every run latex adds one string to the file "missfont.log" 
   And only after that I get my pdf file.

All logs attached. Don't pay attantion at hyperref's warnings in logs - hyperref doesn't like russian letters when producing PDF, it's normal. 

Situation can be reproduced without reinstalling - several files should be deleted (if exists):

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