[tex-live] TeX Live German doc

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 26 01:35:39 CET 2007

    in texmf-doc/doc/german/texlive-ge/ was dated Dec 29 2005 (!)

Yes, I saw that too, and I'm glad you noticed.  I believe what happened
is that Norbert (Hartmut? sorry, can't remember) made changes to the
source, but no one ever generated new german html/pdf.  That's what I
did just now (and updated the date in the title to 2007).

    It seems that it was not generated before my unfortunate mail :)

You are right, and I did it because of your mail, so it wasn't
unfortunate.  I'm sorry for coming across as being irritated.

Anyway, for everyone's info, the new build is almost done ...


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