[tex-live] more problems with texconfig

Artemio Gonzalez Lopez artemiog at mac.com
Mon Jan 22 11:33:37 CET 2007

On Jan 21, 2007, at 10:21 PM, Karl Berry wrote:

>     glitches regarding texconfig
> Strange, since as far as I know, texconfig terminal handling has not
> changed one iota for some years now.  My wild guess would be some
> system-specific aspect of the terminfo setup.  The arrow keys work for
> me.  So I am disinclined to try to deal with it now, sorry.
> As for the config.ps problem, I'm not sure what has changed there.   
> For
> me, when I try to select the dvips menu, the interactive texconfig
> completely exits.  Oh well.  Can't deal with that now either.
> Thanks for testing nonetheless :).
> karl


Thanks a lot for your help. I tried inst-2007-01-22 and found out  
that texconfig is experiencing much worse problems than in the  
previous version. More precisely, when I go up and down in the menu  
list, the text for the menu item just selected and the previous one  
is repeated in reverse video, totally destroying the interface's  
appearance. Fortunately, the menus are still funcional, except for  
dvips configuration/global (which reverts to the previous screen).  
Since I didn't update anything in my system between 2007-01-21 and  
2007-01-22, I guess this probably reflects some last minute changes  
in texconfig, so I just wanted to let you know in case it helps.

Thanks again for everything,


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