[tex-live] Why texlivetest2007-live-20070113 won't generate ls-R file in the $HOME/texmf directory when I run texhash?

Hongyi Zhao hongyi.zhao at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 17:12:47 CET 2007

Hi, everyone

Now, I download the texlivetest2007-live-20070113.iso from
http://ftp.tug.org/texlive/Images/test/, but after I install it, I
find that when I run the command texhash, it can't generates the ls-R
file in the $HOME/texmf directory, I don't know the reason.

Because I use the absolutely same way as I do with the previous versions of
texlives, so I think this is a bug of texlivetest2007-live-20070113.

Can anyone tell me the reason about this thing?


Hongyi Zhao (赵弘毅)
GnuPG DSA: 0xD108493B


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