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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Jan 9 03:09:32 CET 2007

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> writes:

  >     not call this one TL2007 I propose "2006-07" (Hans and Jerzy
  > concurred already in individual mail).  The problem with just
  > "2007" is that it will trouble all the user group members who
  > don't get their "2006" software.  And, as Staszek pointed out, 98%
  > of the work was done in 2006.

I assume that nobody cares about TeXLive-2006 when TeXLive-2007 is

  > Gerben, I agree it's a pain not to just have YYYY, but the above
  > seems like the clearest identification to me, given the state
  > we're in.

Why it is a pain?  A name is just a name.  A name is always
arbitrary.  Let's chose a name which sounds beautiful.

"TeXLive-2006" looks like old crap, "TeXLive-2006-07" looks like a
winter release and people might expect a new release in summer.
I still don't know why switching to TL-2007 is bad.

  > - I don't like version numbers, because in practice, people would
  > very often give the wrong number, when it increments by one every
  > year.  This caused unnecessary confusion.  

Sorry, I don't understand.  What is the difference between "2006" and
"10" in this context?

  > No other package I can think of increments a major version number
  > yearly.

Of course, because no package has <year> in it's version string.  For
a good reason, I guess.

  > I don't like code names.  They are meaningless, and one cannot be
  > compared to another.

I dislike them too.  If someone needs them I don't see any problems.
TeXLive is DFSG free and anybody can derive his own distribution from


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