[tex-live] Errors using tlpm to install TL2006 under Win32

Tomasz Łuczak tlu at technodat.com.pl
Mon Jan 8 20:39:44 CET 2007

Dirk wrote:

> I have tried to install TL2006 (test image 20070108) under Win32 (an
> English Win XP SP2).
> I did not burn the CD image to a CD but unpacked the image's content
> to hard disk ("D:\data\software\texlive\20060108"). Starting
> tlpmgui.exe from there starts the installer in install mode. Then I
> tried many different configurations (installing to the default
> "TLroot" or another one at C:, D:, ..., different collections ...) but
> every configuration gives the same behavior: No Perl will be copied
> (even when I confirm to install it), no Ghostscript too (ditto), only
> dviout has been unpacked correctly. Then installation always ends with
> the error "Problem with copying files by tlpm". 
This message appears if tlpm cannot successfully install files of TeX
Live. Are you copied ALL files from cd image into

For tests get fresh edition of installer from:

After start press F9, take a screenshot and send to me or to list:
tlpmgui at gust.org.pl
In your temp directory you can find several files tlpm*.* - copy
it to other folder. Before accept install GS get files again.

Please enclose your environment variables.

> Maybe the problem is caused by other TeX distros or related programs
> already installed under Win32: There is a MiKTeX 2.4 installation, a
> Ghostscript and a dviout installation. Cygwin is installed too (with
> Perl but without (te)TeX).
Path to other TeX is there in %Path% environment variable?

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