[tex-live] Errors using tlpm to install TL2006 under Win32

Dirk Ullrich dirk.ullrich at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 8 19:30:20 CET 2007

I have tried to install TL2006 (test image 20070108) under Win32 (an
English Win XP SP2).

I did not burn the CD image to a CD but unpacked the image's content
to hard disk ("D:\data\software\texlive\20060108"). Starting
tlpmgui.exe from there starts the installer in install mode. Then I
tried many different configurations (installing to the default
"TLroot" or another one at C:, D:, ..., different collections ...) but
every configuration gives the same behavior: No Perl will be copied
(even when I confirm to install it), no Ghostscript too (ditto), only
dviout has been unpacked correctly. Then installation always ends with
the error "Problem with copying files by tlpm". I am working as a user
which is member of the "Administrators" group.

Maybe the problem is caused by other TeX distros or related programs
already installed under Win32: There is a MiKTeX 2.4 installation, a
Ghostscript and a dviout installation. Cygwin is installed too (with
Perl but without (te)TeX). Furthermore there is a dual installation of
a Linux distribution (Debian Sid) whose partition(s) are readable for
Win32, and which contains two TeXLive installations: a Debian-specific
one (TeXLive 2005 by the standard distro packages) and an additional
generic TeXLive 2006 one (installed in "/opt/texlive").


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