[tex-live] Test image from 03/01/2007

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 7 23:47:37 CET 2007

Hello Christian,

Thanks for testing.

    1) "experiment LaTeX3 packages" should be named "experimental"

Reworded, thanks.

    2) When selecting the packages for the collections the last entries
    have no associated key (for example GNU TeXinfo cannot be disabled as a
    single package)

I know.  This is too painful to fix right now.  Sorry.

    3) Same place: The associated keys with numbers are missing the "9" it
    goes till 8 and then 0.

Fixed now, thanks.

    4) Same place: On my terminals eterm and xterm the selections aren't
    displayed as a whole, so only the beginnings of lines are displayed.

Yeah.  I changed it to output in 2 columns to try to help.

    So sometimes one must guess what the difference between the two
    "Supplementary LaT" is.

Reworded, thanks.

    5) When installing the package listing has collection-fontsextra after
    collection-fontsrecommended but when installing the order is switched.

I couldn't reproduce this one.  Could you try again with the new images
(when they are there) and then tell me exactly which commands you're
giving to the install?


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