[tex-live] Test image from 03/01/2007

Christian Faulhammer v-li at gmx.de
Sat Jan 6 20:05:09 CET 2007

Hi all,

I tested the first test image during holidays, and now checked if my
observations are still valid for the current test image.  In General,
installation went well with install-tl.sh on Linux (x86), with the old
Windows installer and now with tlpmgui on Linux.  It works, all my test
documents, some quite complex one included, compiled fine, where I only
use LaTeX, though.

Some minor issues still left (others have been fixed meanwhile, the
$HOME duplication e.g.):

1) "experiment LaTeX3 packages" should be named "experimental"
2) When selecting the packages for the collections the last entries
have no associated key (for example GNU TeXinfo cannot be disabled as a
single package)
3) Same place: The associated keys with numbers are missing the "9" it
goes till 8 and then 0.
4) Same place: On my terminals eterm and xterm the selections aren't
displayed as a whole, so only the beginnings of lines are displayed.
So sometimes one must guess what the difference between the two
"Supplementary LaT" is.
5) When installing the package listing has collection-fontsextra after
collection-fontsrecommended but when installing the order is switched.

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