[tex-live] TL2006 test img: pdf*tex.1 manpages; context manpages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 6 02:03:08 CET 2007

    Maybe they belong in section 5 [file formats], as short
    descriptions of how to make and/or use the formats?

I don't know where they belong.  They aren't exactly file formats, but
they certainly aren't programs at this point.  Hmm.

    if anyone is upstream of TL.

Not for these programs.

    have the ConTeXt texmfstart.1 manpage that I'd written, and also the
    texexec.1 manpage is the old one (it documents the perl version).  Did
    the new ConTeXt manpages not make it in?

Drat.  I am sure I checked them in.  I will review.  Glad you noticed.

    By the way, is there a mptopdf manpage anywhere?  

Not in the tree, that I can see by searching for mptopdf.man or
mptopdf.1.  Don't know if there is one on the net.
Would be nice to have it.


P.S. I will be offline all day tomorrow.  Have fun.

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