[tex-live] TL2006 test img: pdf*tex.1 manpages; context manpages

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jan 7 08:02:04 CET 2007

sm>> [What to do about cont-en.1 etc?]
sm>> Maybe they belong in section 5 [file formats], as short
sm>> descriptions of how to make and/or use the formats?
kb> I don't know where they belong.  They aren't exactly file formats, but
kb> they certainly aren't programs at this point.  Hmm.

Maybe just delete cont-*.1?  The .fmt files are basically visible just
as an argument to pdfetex, and then only if you stare at texexec's
output with --verbose.  So who needs a man entry for them.

>> By the way, is there a mptopdf manpage anywhere?  

> Not in the tree, that I can see by searching for mptopdf.man or
> mptopdf.1.  Don't know if there is one on the net.  Would be nice to
> have it.

Here are updated manpages.  I added a few more options to the
ctxtools.man and wrote mptopdf.man.


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