[tex-live] compiling problems

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Oct 11 07:08:30 CEST 2006

>     Since TeXLive doesn't contain libkpathsea
> I don't understand ... it certainly gets built (and used).  How about
> doing a normal build and copying it to wherever you want it?

Urgh.  Of course I can, but...

>     I strongly suggest to add documentation for this flag to
>     kpathsea's (or whatever's) README.
> But what if you don't want it for your standalone library?

I just want libkpathsea and its header files.

> And anyway, if what you want is libkpathsea, why configure in texk?
> Personally, I'd try configuring in kpathsea itself.  (I have no idea
> if it will work or not.)

Hehe, it doesn't work (at least if you enable dynamic libraries).  You
always have to run the top-level `configure --enable-tetex-build',
then saying `make' in the kpathsea directory works fine.  This bit of
information I would like to have in the README...


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