[tex-live] Question about TeX Live Installation

Edward Ruggeri ruggeri at uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 7 21:44:17 CET 2006

I really hope this isn't a RTFM kind of question.  But I've looked really  
hard, and I can't seem to find anyone who's ever mentioned my problem.

Actually, it might not really be a problem.  See, TeX Live (v. 1.0,  
2005.10.13 [starkit 8.4.11]) is taking an incredibly long time to  
install.  As in hours (3+, at least).  Is that right?  I am new to TeX, so  
I don't really know if this is common, but I'm worried something is  
wrong.  It's about 1/4th of the way done, so far.  I am using  

I use WindowsXP Pro.  I have 768MB of RAM, an Athlon 2100+ (1.7GHz), and  
about 2.8GB of HDD space left before the install started (now down to  
2.54GB).  I am installing from a DVD-ROM drive which I think is limited to  
only 4x speed.

I am very excited about using TeX, specifically for math related  
endevours, but at the moment I'm kind of daunted by the entire thing.

-- Ned Ruggeri

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