[tex-live] Question about TeX Live Installation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 7 22:04:29 CET 2006

Hi Ned,

    I use WindowsXP Pro.  I have 768MB of RAM, an Athlon 2100+ (1.7GHz), and  
    about 2.8GB of HDD space left before the install started (now down to  
    2.54GB).  I am installing from a DVD-ROM drive which I think is limited to  
    only 4x speed.

On such a machine, I can believe it is taking hours to install.  It
seems rather excessive to be only 1/4 done after 3 hours, but I guess
I'd still most likely wait it out.

If you have it, you might try installing from the "inst" CD, instead of
the "live" DVD.  Not only is the CD reading speed probably higher than
the DVD reading speed, but for various stupid technical reasons, the
"inst" installer runs much more quickly.

I don't know what "starkit 8.4.11" means.  Sounds intriguing :).  Where
did it come from?  Also, the final release date was actually 20051102,
although I doubt it makes any substantial difference.


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