[tex-live] 'Lost' TeXLive after reboot

Sebastian Rahtz Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Feb 5 16:01:59 CET 2006

gnwiii at gmail.com wrote:

> Other packages may depend on the old tetex.  T
the texlive packages do "Provide" of teTeX, I think,
for this reason

> he generic TeX Live 2005
> install puts everything in one tree that can be shared via NFS with
> unix and OS X (perhaps even with Win32). 

so does the Debian setup, surely?

> You can enable it at will
> simply by adjusting the PATH variable, so if you encounter a problem
> using TL2005 it is easy to check against the older version, and it is
> easy to check that documents you create with TL2005 will also play
> well with the original tetex.

true. but this (to my mind) pale into insignificance
compared to the advantage of a system using proper
package management.

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