[tex-live] 'Lost' TeXLive after reboot

gnwiii at gmail.com gnwiii at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 13:46:16 CET 2006

On 2/4/06, Sebastian Rahtz <Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> If youre a Debian (ie including Ubuntu) user, it makes
> much much more sense to install TeXLive using the
> Debian packages, rather than from the CD.

In most cases, but certainly not all.

Other packages may depend on the old tetex.  The generic TeX Live 2005
install puts everything in one tree that can be shared via NFS with
unix and OS X (perhaps even with Win32).  You can enable it at will
simply by adjusting the PATH variable, so if you encounter a problem
using TL2005 it is easy to check against the older version, and it is
easy to check that documents you create with TL2005 will also play
well with the original tetex.

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