[tex-live] kpathsea and gsftopk problem

Ruben Prins ruben_prins at planet.nl
Fri Feb 3 22:19:24 CET 2006

I never could get used to pdfopen/pdfclose (although I'll give the --back
variant a try). PDF does look far better than DVI. But the
debug/tex/proofread-cycle just doesn't really fit. Adobe's reader is just
sooo bulky.

GhostScript had serious text rendering issues which strangely enough Windvi
never had, even though it uses GhostScript to prerender the fonts--go
figure. But it looks like 8.5x has gotten a lot better, so I've got a way

It must be a regression somewhere, as fpTeX 0.7 didn't have this bug.

Anyway, I'd be grateful to anyone willing to take a look at it.


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Van: Karl Berry [mailto:karl at freefriends.org] 
Verzonden: vrijdag 3 februari 2006 20:00
Aan: ruben_prins at planet.nl
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Onderwerp: Re: [tex-live] kpathsea and gsftopk problem

      kpsewhich -mktex=pk -dpi=600 ptmr8r.pk
      returns exit code 1
    As a result, windvi won't show any new fonts, unless I close windvi and
    reopen the same dvi-file. Very frustrating!

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the report, but unfortunately, as far as I know those Windows
versions of the mktex scripts are no longer maintained (Fabrice is now
focused on pdf).  Unless someone here (Akira, Pawel, ...?) would be able
to take a look?

BTW, this doesn't solve the stated problem, but Fabrice wrote a
pdfopen/pdfclose program which can let you reload a pdf in acrobat
instead of open/close, which may let you preview your documents well
enough in pdf mode.  I see someone modified it to have a --back option:

And just to mention for the record, Taco made the same thing work for Unix:


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