[tex-live] kpathsea and gsftopk problem

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 3 20:00:11 CET 2006

      kpsewhich -mktex=pk -dpi=600 ptmr8r.pk
      returns exit code 1
    As a result, windvi won't show any new fonts, unless I close windvi and
    reopen the same dvi-file. Very frustrating!

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the report, but unfortunately, as far as I know those Windows
versions of the mktex scripts are no longer maintained (Fabrice is now
focused on pdf).  Unless someone here (Akira, Pawel, ...?) would be able
to take a look?

BTW, this doesn't solve the stated problem, but Fabrice wrote a
pdfopen/pdfclose program which can let you reload a pdf in acrobat
instead of open/close, which may let you preview your documents well
enough in pdf mode.  I see someone modified it to have a --back option:

And just to mention for the record, Taco made the same thing work for Unix:


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