[tex-live] Unexpected Autorun.inf on TeX Collection 2005 DVD

Peter Flynn pflynn at ucc.ie
Thu Feb 2 15:49:08 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 11:51, Philip TAYLOR wrote:
> Dear Colleagues --
> Having just received my TeX Collection 2005 DVD (thank you, Robin!),
> I was suprised on inserting it into a Win/XP system to be prompted to
> install Protext.  Would it not be better to have Autorun.inf launch
> a neutral  TeX Collection 2005 installation selector which would allow
> the user  to choose between ProTeXt, CTAN, TeX Live and ConTeXt without
> leading the naive user to believe that ProTeXt installation is a necessary
> pre-requisite to the others ?  

Difficult one. I was delighted to see this behaviour, because it means
I don't need to give each new user a seminar on all the possible options
but instead simply hand them the disk and say "Install it".

But I agree, for the more knowledgeable user, it's suboptimal. Maybe the
disk label should say that experienced users should cancel the default
installation and open {something}.pdf or whatever instead.


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