[tex-live] test Images by ftp

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 24 00:07:20 CET 2006

    I downloaded the latest test image (2006-12-17), 

live or inst?

    Initializing collections... install-tl.sh: line 1: 
    P_@=collection_texinfo: command not found

This makes no sense to me.  Could the download be corrupted?
Certainly that line is not line one of any script :).
Something like that is probably executed dynamically, but nothing comes
to mind offhand.

    Any suggestions anybody?

Aside from trying to download again, see if the installed tree looks
anything like normal.  If everything seems ok, then run
install-tl.sh --debug and send me the output (there will be a lot).

Thanks for trying it out.


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